The InfoRoute Real Time passenger information product encompasses a range of display, vehicle and software devices. All these devices and the data associated with them can be configured via the web based software interface.

InfoRoute Web Software

The InfoRoute web software allows users to perform a number of actions on their data and devices as follows:

  • Upload Timetables

  • Manage Displays Devices

  • Manage Vehicle Devices

  • Run System Performance Reports

  • Show Public Information Messages

The software is compatible with all current web browsers. The software includes a full map based user interface that shows the status of your devices in real-time. The system can also be configured to provide alarms and warnings to operators and users via SMS and email. Timetables can be uploaded in industry standard ATCO-CIF and TransXChange formats and all technology and protocols meet the current approved RTIG standards.

Data in InfoRoute can be exchanged with external systems using a broad range of RESTful interfaces or the standard SIRI 1.3 protocol. The system is also capable of configuring and passing bus priority data to UTMC interfaces.

Passenger Displays

Passenger Displays can be used to show the public information about buses, trains and other modes of transport. They are linked directly with the server with a 24/7 connection over GPRS, PMR or the internet so the information can be accessed and changed at any time through the InfoRoute RTPI web interface.

The InfoRoute product supports a number of different types of passenger display device including LED and TFT solutions. All displays can show departure/arrival times, the destination, the stand number and the service identifier. Many all support low-floor indicator icons for the disabled and operator identifiers. Many displays can also be configured to show advertising, weather, news and RSS feeds.

All displays are DDA compliant and can be fitted with a modular audio unit capable of providing text-to-speech output to the public. The passenger display technology can be extended to be embedded in a number of different kiosk devices.

On Vehicle Computer

The InfoRoute OVC can be fitted to a vehicle for general tracking and AVL. The OVC has an interface that is compatible with all major electronic ticket machine suppliers in the UK including Wayfarer, ERG and Almex.

The OVC can report position, speed, heading, route/journey to the central InfoRoute server. This data can be made available to other systems over SIRI or RTIG-XML. Configuration of all OVC devices is done in the background as new timetable and bus stop information becomes available.

The OVC device can also support local cleardown or local bus priority using the standard RTIG protocols.

Server to Server

The InfoRoute system supports the standard SIRI and RTIG-XML server to server protocols. This allows data from within InfoRoute to be made available to other RTPI systems and can also provide data to implementors of mobile and web products. Data can also be exchanged with Travelline and other organisations.