Bus Priority

The JMW Bus Priority reader technology is based on the RFID devices developed by Texas Instruments and is fully compatible with the GAMBICA standard.

The SVD Tiger Reader is designed to detect and validate vehicle tags at traffic light junctions and provide immediate priority to valid vehicles. The reader can be hard wired directly to the controller unit, or multiple reader units can communicate with the controller via an MRC unit. Communication can be over cables placed in ducting or through a low power radio modem link. The basic Tiger tag can be fitted to a vehicle provide a low cost option for priority at traffic lights. All reader units are designed to fit a standard 3U rack or can be mounted in a haldo pillar at the roadside.

A more intelligent VDM module can be used for blue light systems and allow priority to be given to emergency vehicles only when the vehicle is ain a “blue light” state.

The standard SVD Tiger Reader has a number of relay outputs that allow it to be used for other applications beyond vehicle priority. For example the device can also be used for identifying vehicles for gate access to car parks, or for identifying vehicles in fuel management systems. Contact JMW sales for further information.