JMW was originally founded in 1946 as an electrical engineering business. Since the early 1980’s the company has diversified into the design and manufacture of electronic equipment and software development.

In 1992 JMW launched a range of Bus Priority products and was at the forefront of research and development in bus priority technology. These products won the government Clear Zone award for technology and are installed throughout the UK.

In the late 1990’s JMW extended it’s bus priority range of products to provide real-time passenger information. Since that time the company has moved into development of AVL/GPS products, TFT displays and server side software to provide passenger information to a broad range of customers throughout the UK.

JMW’s highly skilled and committed team of engineers work to a high standard ensuring that projects are completed within the desired timescales. As a company we are constantly working to develop new innovative technologies whilst being self-financing.